Who We Are

HEALing Embrace strives to bring hope and healing to the grieving hearts and to celebrate and honor the lives of babies gone too soon.

Healing embrace was founded by Jennifer Sommer and Shawna Hoffman, who met at a support group for bereaved parents. They quickly became friends and shared a passion to help families who experience pregnancy and infant loss. HEALing Embrace works to raise awareness and provide support to these families.

While each grief journey is unique and healing comes in many forms, we believe these four areas can provide support where it is needed most. The families simply need to apply in the area for which they seek financial assistance. Upon approval, HEALing Embrace provides funds to the businesses providing services to families.

An estimated 1 in 4 women will experience a pregnancy loss, and each day in the United States 71 mothers give birth to a baby that is not alive. In addition to the normal expenses of birth, bereaved families now face expenses for funeral services, grief counseling, and may require in-home post-partum assistance. HEALing Embrace focuses on the finances so families can focus on healing, not the stress of unexpected bills. Raising awareness about loss, as well as connecting families is another goal of HEALing Embrace. Ultimately, we strive to validate and support those who have had to say goodbye to the newest member of their family. Saying goodbye before hello is the most difficult journey anyone should have to walk and one should never have to do it without support.

Meet Jennifer

Through the tragedy of losing her second baby, Jennifer discovered her passion and her life’s mission: to help other families who have experienced or are experiencing pregnancy or infant loss. Jennifer became the first certified birth and bereavement doula in the state of Nebraska, and upon completion of her certification she co-founded HEALing Embrace, a local nonprofit. HEALing Embrace gained its name through its mission: Help Everyone After Loss. Jennifer and her husband, Andy, have 4 children; 1 on earth and 3 in heaven. Through the legacy her children have left behind, Jennifer finds her inspiration and determination to help hundreds of families each year. She and the HEALing Embrace team make it their goal to bring awareness to a once-taboo topic and to ensure each family that they are not alone and they too can find hope and healing after loss.

Meet Shawna

Co-founder of HEALing Embrace and a certified birth and bereavement doula, Shawna and her husband, Seth, are the parents of 4 children, 2 first trimester losses (Maddie and Avery), a son (Silas, died during delivery at 42 weeks), and a living daughter (Sadie). It was the loss of her 3 children and the differences in care that motivated Shawna to become an agent of change for Omaha through the work of HEALing Embrace. Shawna’s ambition and goal with HEALing Embrace is to break the silence associated with pregnancy and infant loss and raise a community of support in the Omaha metro area.

“I carried you every second of your life, and I will love you every second of mine…”

HEALing Embrace strives to bring hope and healing to the grieving hearts and to celebrate and honor the lives of babies gone too soon.
There are many opportunities to help everyone after loss, please find out how by clicking below.

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