Read how HEALing Embrace has helped loss mommies
and daddies from all over find peace.


“Thank you so so much! It smells amazing and is so calming! It’s went everywhere with me today and calmed by daughter down from her tantrum earlier. It’s helping all of us already” – loss mom from Tennessee


“I just got home and got to open the package. It’s so perfect. I will always cherish it and it is one of my most prized possessions. It’s amazing. It even smells good. Thank you so so much.” – loss mom from Tennessee


“Oh my goodness, what a wonderful surprise I came home to! My Elijah bear is the sweetest, HEAVIEST, thing ever! I still can’t believe I carried something so big that long! No wonder my body is still such a wreck! I should make my husband wear it around in a backpack every evening! Thank you so very much for such a thoughtful gift. I look forward to meeting you guys at future events!” – loss mom from Nebraska


“Our bear came in the mail today, thank you SOOO much he is absolutely perfect .I cried so much when I saw him (happy tears) what you guys do is so amazing I can never thank you enough <3″ – loss momma from California


“Oh Jennifer! I worked all weekend and never got the mail. When I saw your message I ran down to our community mailbox where our packages are held. What a beautiful surprise! I’m having such a mixed feeling of emotion as I sit and hold these bears. The weight on my chest takes me back to their birth day as I held them. I didn’t expect that it would bring me such joy to remember their little bodies and how this actually felt. This is such a precious you’ve given me to really remember, because some days I have trouble remembering what it felt like to hold them, I cannot thank you enough. I’m so excited for my husband and family to see and hold them too. THANK YOU!” – loss momma from Nebraska


“Thank you thank you thank you for our Evan bear! This came on a day where I was struggling. Every day I wake up and mourn the silence (even with a 2.5 yr old in the house) and the empty arms. Evan was taken far too soon from us. We miss him every moment of everyday. It’s been 6 weeks and all I can think about is what milestones he would be reaching. The bear means more than my words can express. Thank you. Over and over again for filling my arms with the weight of my Evan bear! ~ I know I have said it before but thank you. Thank you for all that you do to help women like me cope with the unimaginable.” – loss momma from Nebraska


“Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love my little Camden bear smile emoticon I just got the mail today and was so excited to see the box. I can’t even thank you enough! This bear makes me so happy, I didn’t realize how much 3lbs really weighed. I can’t stop staring at this little bear smile emoticon thank you thank you thank you!! I know this will be perfect to get my through the rest of my pregnancy and my delivery. Again I can’t thank you enough! I love it <3” – loss momma from Nebraska


“I wanted to say thank you so much for sending the bear. She was absolutely in love with it. She said she will be wrapping it in her daughter’s blanket and snuggling with it every night!” – loss momma from Kansas


“I just received it and It is sooooo incredible!!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!” – loss momma from South Carolina


“First of all I want to thank you so much for creating the HEALing Embrace organization. As a fellow loss mom it is so helpful having organizations such as yours support us and just know we’re not in this alone and there are amazing people and resources available. I can’t help but think about moms that lost littles say 50 years ago and had nowhere to turn and most likely felt a ton of shame and just negative feelings. We’re truly lucky people to be the beneficiaries of your kind heart, the desire to start an organization, and the countless hours it must take to keep the organization up and running and the many behind the scenes hurdles you must jump all while maintaining a heartfelt and personable group. I happened to be the recipient of a Jayda bear, weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs 14 oz. You wrote me a handwritten note…in 2016! Major props to you mama, I am impressed. The bear is so much more than fabric and stuffing. You see disguised as a bear, that little memento is a tangible thing I can touch and hold the exact weight of my baby girl every single day until I can hold her in heaven. There are not enough words arranged together in the English dictionary that can describe that feeling. I wanted to try my best to extend my gratitude to you. Thank you for the bear, the organization, the support I feel from the group, the community and in general for loving on mamas like us around the world. Just….thank you!” – loss momma from Nebraska


“I wish you were around when we lost our little boy at 38 weeks. He would be turning 8 in April. Your arms feel empty and ache for a baby. You do wonderful work for these families. Thank you for everything you do. <3″ – Anonymous


“You two did an amazing job at the talk today. Thank you so much for coming. Our community is so blessed to have such a beautiful organization. You two are truly an inspiration.” – Anonymous


“You’re an inspiration to loss families. Finding Healing Embrace and you has validated all the emotions and grief I’ve felt. For someone to understand the raw pain of losing a child and all the emotions that come with it was a strange blessing. You are a beautiful soul and an amazing mommy for continuing your babyies’ memories in such a selfless way! <3″ – Anonymous


“The heartache of losing a child never really goes away. It becomes more bearable but the love for that child continues as you dream and wonder where they would be now, and how different your life would be. I am blessed to know you and I share in your love, and your grief. I cannot express how much HEALing embrace was needed. I wish it was around when I lost my son. Never question this path you have been called to. The good you are doing and the help you have given mean more than you know. I am honored to share this path with you my friend. <3″ – Anonymous


“When my brother and his wife lost their child I turned to my bible, my family, and you. You will never understand how much your messages helped me in how to help them. I am SO PROUD of you for what you have created with Healing Embrace! How AMAZING is it that you took your grief and turned it into a resource for these families.” – Anonymous


“We received a beautiful package in the mail today from our friend Jennifer & her organization HEALing Embrace. Thank you so much for the bear that is the weight of Ainsley! Brought back so many sweet memories of holding him. His bear will be well cuddled and loved!” – Anonymous


“Such a sweet caring gesture and I know they will treasure it because it will be one of the only memories they have of that baby, leaving with this bear instead of their little one.” – Anonymous

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