Support Groups

Our focus is the joy to be found after pregnancy and infant loss while providing a space for mothers to speak freely of the baby she lost.

While HEALing Embrace does not offer counseling, we do host multiple online support groups. If you have lost a baby during pregnancy or infancy and are seeking those with like experiences, then these groups are for you.
  1. HEALing Embrace Grief Support:  Facebook Group
  2. Pregnancy and Parenting After Loss:  Facebook Group
In addition, HEALing Embrace hosts a number of social events for moms, dads, and families.   Whether it is a movie and pizza night or a painting class, these spaces are where you can speak your heart. Some days are really hard, other days you just want to dance.  Follow our Facebook page for current and upcoming events.


Contact us today for more information or to create a group event.

They will live forever in our hearts.

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