Warrior Parents Night Out


We are so excited for this Warrior Parents Night Out Event!! Join us at Le Smash for stress relief and a potluck with other Warrior Parents. It’s going to be a Smashingly Awesome Time!!



WHEN: Sunday, July 22nd, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
LOCATION: Le Smash, 4105 Harrison St, Bellevue, NE, 68147

Join us for a Warrior Parents Night at Le Smash!! We have a super fun night planned for all you amazing Warrior Parents. Le Smash was created as a safe place to help people deal with whatever emotions are weighing their shoulders down. You will be provided 10 small items and 2 big items that you get to smash to pieces with a bat to help release all that stress you have built up! You will get to destroy meaningless things, like someone else’s wine bottles, printers, and laptops. If you want to bring something of your own to smash, you can do that too! HEALing Embrace will be providing the main dish BBQ style, as well as water and soda. We ask that you bring a small side dish or a dessert.

* You do not have to have directly received HEALing Embrace’s services to be welcome at this event
* Alcoholic beverages will not be allowed at this event
* As respect for the newly bereaved, we ask no children please.
* DRESS CODE: Upon arrival, please make sure you are wearing closed toed shoes, long sleeves and pants.

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