Wednesday, July 6th, at 3:30p.m. at Nebraska Medicine – Bellevue in the Healing Garden

In November, my husband and I went to the ER after I noticed a lack of fetal movement. There we learned our third son, Reece Michael, no longer had a heartbeat at 34 weeks gestation. He was born at rest on November 8th, 2015, at Bellevue Medical Center. HEALing Embrace was contacted to photograph our entire time with Reece, the only time we would ever get to actively parent him. We had four hours with him before death was taking its toll on his tiny new body. Ice packs were not doing enough to keep discoloration at bay. We said goodbye at daybreak. My two older sons never met their baby brother, the brother they had talked about and anticipated for months.

My husband and I recently purchased a device called a Cuddle Cot, made in the UK. It is a cooling system used for the purpose of extending the time families get with their stillborn babies or babies who have recently passed. Instead of bulky ice packs or trips to the morgue, babies can stay in the room while this device is in use. It can turn four hours into twenty-four hours. We will donate the Cuddle Cot in Reece’s honor to HEALing Embrace on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 at 3:30p.m.  Our hope is that when HEALing Embrace is dispatched to a loss family, the Cuddle Cot will provide them with the most time possible. This Cuddle Cot is the second one in all of Nebraska.

HEALing (Helping Everyone After Loss) Embrace is a non-profit organization based in Omaha that seeks to help families who have suffered the loss of a baby. An estimated one in four women will experience a pregnancy or infant loss, and each day 71 mothers give birth to a sleeping baby. From the moment you learn your baby has died or has a life-limiting diagnosis, HEALing Embrace has certified Bereavement Companions available to provide support, resources, information, and education. HEALing Embrace also helps families with financial burdens so they can focus on healing, not the stress of unexpected medical or funeral bills. Ultimately, HEALing Embrace strives to make those who have lost the newest member of their family feel validated and understood during the most difficult journey they will ever have to walk.

For more information about HEALing Embrace, please contact Jennifer at 402.819.4002 or visit their website at

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