By guest author, Heather Plett

As a bereavement support companion and someone that talks with families everyday that have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss, holding space for someone is extremely vital, important and necessary. Even though I’ve experienced loss myself, both times being completely opposite experiences, I will never be able to experience what a family is going through that I meet. I can never compare circumstances or judge what they are going through. I can’t hold expectations over them or ask them to do anything other than what they are doing. It is my place to offer love, validation, hope and support.

Holding space for someone is not easy – we have to set aside our our feelings, our hurts, our opinions, our agenda – we need to allow them to go through what they are facing at that exact moment. It’s difficult for all of us to not want to voice our thoughts and feelings – but what the other person needs is space to cry, vent, yell, rationalize their own thoughts out loud. They need a safe place. A sacred space. HEALing Embrace provides that for families. A safe place, a sacred space for families to express their deepest hurts, fears, frustration, sadness, happiness and joy without judgement or bias opinions.

We allow families who have experienced loss to feel loved and validated, to know that they are not alone in whatever they are facing. That when the rest of the world tells them to move on or to stop hurting – we understand and allow them to feel the rawness of their story. This video is a beautiful explanation of what it really means to hold space for someone. If we can all lay aside our own hearts desires and really listen to someone else – this world would be a better place.

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