How do I order a weighted birth day bear or care package?

You can order a weighted bear or care package here: https://www.healingembrace.org/gifts-that-heal/

What comes in a care package?

Our care packages are all hand-packaged and tailor-made based on each specific family’s structure and loss situation. There are written resources and comfort items for each member of the immediate family, each having a very reputable standing in the loss community or that our team members have found extremely helpful in our lives. They can be ordered here: https://www.healingembrace.org/gifts-that-heal/

Do you have a support group?

HEALing Embrace does not currently offer a traditional style support group, but we do offer a support group through Facebook called HEALing Embrace Grief Support. Its members consist solely of loss parents and it is a safe space to share their story, their grief journey, and their sweet baby. Many have found an immense amount of support and validation through this group and its welcoming members. If you would like to request to be added, you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healingembracesupport/

We also have a support group page designated for loss parents who are currently navigating the waters of pregnancy or parenting a child born following a loss. If this page better suits your needs, you can request to be added here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2044050755830352/

If you would like information about local or national support groups, please see our list of resources here: https://www.healingembrace.org/resources/

How can I make a donation or set up a fundraiser for my birthday through Facebook?

Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness! Donations can be made here: https://www.healingembrace.org/donate-2/

For Facebook fundraisers, we do not show up through Facebook yet for a fundraising opportunity, however, you can design your own fundraiser and direct those who feel inclined to donate through our website here: https://www.healingembrace.org/donate-2/

We ask that donors include a note with their donation (either through mail or though PayPal) who the donation is in honor of and if it has a designated usage. The other option is to gather the funds yourself and make one large donation, which you could designate to be used in the way you wish.

Where can I donate wedding gowns?

This is such a treasured gift to the loss community! The local organization that accepts donations and makes gowns for sweet babies is called The Littlest Angels Gowns. You can contact them through their website here: https://thelittlestangelsgowns.com/

I didn’t receive a confirmation email or tracking number for my bear, care package, or merchandise order. Will I receive one?

We do not traditionally send out confirmation emails or tracking info with our weighted bears, care packages, or merchandise, as these precious packages are assembled by volunteers. If you saw a confirmation screen pop up after you placed your order, that was confirmation that it went through. We do ask 4-6 weeks from the time you placed the order to the time that the item arrives at the shipping address. We very much appreciate your patience with the process.

Where can I register for the HEALs to the Pavement event?

We would be honored to have you join us in person or virtually! You can register for either here: https://runsignup.com/Race/NE/Omaha/HEALstothePavementforPregnancyInfantLossAwareness?remMeAttempt=

If I register for Light Up the Night and cannot attend in person, will you ship my items?

We are honored to feature your baby’s name throughout our event and have your family be a part of our special evening in whatever way is best for you! We are happy to ship these items to you, but ask that you cover shipping costs.

What are the biggest and smallest bears you are able to make?

We are comfortable crafting bears that range from about 3.5 ounces to about 10 pounds. If your baby was smaller than this weight, we would suggest one of our cherished care packages instead. If your baby weighed more than the maximum weight we are capable of making, we would encourage you to consider a bear weighted to their birth weight.

What services do you offer for families out of state?

Given our guidelines, there are some of our services we are only able to offer locally to the Omaha-metro area. However, we are able to ship our weighted bears and care packages to anywhere around the globe! We also are able to offer phone or email support and resources long-distance for grieving parents, as well as perinatal hospice families! Please, contact us if that is something that would be helpful for you.

Can I make a special request for a customized bear?

We have an extremely small pool of volunteers that are usually able to make customized bears. This depends heavily on the customization that you are requesting and the amount of time the details will take. There will be an upcharge for additional personalization, as well as additional time added to the 4-6 weeks we usually quote for bears to arrive at their destined home. If you would like to inquire about a customized bear, please use the contact us form on our website.

I’m interested in volunteering! Where can I find out more info?

Thank you SO much for your serving heart! We are always looking for more healing hands to add to our volunteer team and have a large number of needs for our families and services! We are so grateful for your interest!

To become a life-changing volunteer, you can fill out the volunteer form here: https://www.healingembrace.org/donate-2/

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