4 Cornerstones of Care

We can help navigate the next steps following the birth of a sleeping baby and can provide resources for those seeking them.

Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses are overwhelming for any loss. The death of a baby brings a unique experience by searching for a casket that is small enough or an urn that is a perfect match for a family’s baby. The price of cemetery plots and headstones can be high. Assisting families with these expenses and providing resources is an integral part of our mission.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses can mount in the face of loss at any gestational age. Ultrasounds, blood work, medical procedures for mother or baby, surgeries, and follow up appointments are only a few ways that these expenses can pile up quickly. Taking away some of the financial burden a family faces allows them more time together to grieve and heal in lieu of worrying about how the hospital is going to be paid.

Grief Counseling

Many families don’t know how to face the grief journey and need guidance to begin the next steps in life without their child. A family may feel the cost of counseling outweighs the benefits, believing that time will heal them. HEALing Embrace can assist families in getting the care they need to stay emotionally and mentally healthy. Upon request, we also provide resources for free counseling in the community.

Postpartum Care

Women experience the transition out of pregnancy regardless of whether their baby was born alive. In addition to grief and processing the loss, the typical postpartum concerns are present and sometimes extra help is needed. Postpartum care can come in many forms: meals, home cleaning services, a nanny for other children, or an in-home nurse to assist mom as her body recovers.

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